Bruce Sherman(non-registered)
A wonderful eye... that produces wonder-filled and arresting images.

I very much respect your work!

Shoot on!

Carol Pakosz(non-registered)
Fantastic work Julie...wish I could buy all of them...sigh
David Johns(non-registered)
Hi Julie. Wow. Such diversity. Very, very interesting. Some little jems here and there.
Fran Fulford(non-registered)
Awesome portfolio, Julie. The mannequins and abstracts are beautiful. You make them look like paintings and I would love on my wall. I will treat myself to all your galleries over the next few days. Thanks so much for guiding me to your website.
JoAnn Rowe(non-registered)

A big congrats on your Icelandic series...I've never been, believe you've captured the culture, landscape, the people, the geography and the essence of a country that has been mysterious and mostly unknown to us....very well done...keep up the great work my friend..

mary derouard(non-registered)

and no visa required!!
I love the work you are doing Julie. Beyond a doubt the gallery of mannequins is my favorite. Very interesting, extremely artistic.
Liz C(non-registered)
Those San Fran photos are great! Really liked the Jimi Hendrix foursome - I think it captured the essence of him and those times as well. Loved the mural shots as well - the richness of the colours.
Janet Fraser(non-registered)
Wow. Awesome work!
David Johns(non-registered)
Congratulations Julie. Well done.

Wonderful variety in your work - refreshing.
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